Metareal Stage Player SDK - Introduction

The Metareal Stage Player SDK helps you create a Metareal Stage Player inside of your Web Application, so that your Web Application can load Metareal Stage Tours and interact with them.

The Metareal Stage Player SDK offers the following functionality:


Hello Tour!

Want to get started right away? There is Hello Tour!. You will be able to reference the player SDK, load Metareal Stage Tours in your web app, and start interacting programmatically with them.

Hello Tour!

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <script src=""></script>
        .webapp {
            width: calc(80vw);
            height: calc(80vh);
            margin-left: calc(10vw);
            margin-top: calc(10vh);
            background-color: black
    <div class="webapp" id="myWebApp"></div>
    <script lang="javascript">

    // Create the player that will be embedded inside myWebApp
    let player = MetarealPlayerSDK.create( "myWebApp" );
    let tourURL = "";

    // Load the tour
    player.load( tourURL, () => {
        console.log( "Tour is loaded" );
    } );